Using Thematic Analysis to Understand Teachers Perspectives about Inclusion in Early Childhood Education


Teachers are an important part of society, and they played a vital role in the development of the country. As inclusive education is becoming a major concern for every country, either they are developed or developing. The study aimed to explore the teacher’s perception of Inclusion in Early Childhood Education. I

Farhan Sarwa,,Zikra Faiz,Mohammad Saipol Mohd Sukor

Policies and Practices of Punjab Government Towards Inclusive Education: From the Lens of Senior Special Education Teacher’s


The purpose of this review article is twofold, first to present a clear picture of policies and practices of the Punjab Government towards inclusive education. Secondly, identify the gaps between policies of the Punjab Government and practicing Inclusive Education (IE).

Hamayoun Shah Nawaz,Hina Fazil,Nadeem Ahmad3

Sighted Students’ Perceptions about the Effectiveness of University Teachers with Visual Impairment:


The major premise of this research is to have an awareness of the perceptions of sighted students about the effectiveness of a teacher with visual impairment in one of the public universities of Lahore. Focusing on the actual pedagogical practices of a teacher with visual impairment in his/her teaching profession.

Ayesha Afzal,Shahid Rafiq

Perception of Pre-service Teachers about their Preparation for Inclusive School in Pakistan


A professional teacher, prepared through an effective teacher education program is the major agent for successful inclusive practices. The study examined the perceptions, skills, and knowledge of pre-service teachers on inclusion and challenges faced during teaching in an inclusive classroom. I

Farah Naz,Maimona Ijaz

Inclusion of Hearing Impaired Children in Inclusive School: A Survey to Determine Teacher’s Attitude


Education for all and inclusion of disabled students in mainstream schools is the topic of interest for all the researchers of this technological world. The present study was conducted in the Punjab, Pakistan, to find out and compare teacher’s attitude towards inclusion of hearing impaired in inclusive school.

Hifsa Batool,Adila Khanam,Hina Akbar

I do not Feel Included”: Teachers’ Experiences of Workplace Inclusion at Higher Education


Workplace inclusion is believed to be an attractive and professional environment in which equality prevails for
all members and they feel importantly involved and interactive with leaders during decision making process along with availability of all information in the institution.

Iram Parveen, Muhammad Uzair-ul-Hassan,Ume Aimen

Contextual Factors Affecting Mental Health Services for Children with Comorbid Conditions of Learning and Intellectual Disability


The current explorative research has been designed with the pivotal aim of divulging multidimensional perspective from diverse stake holders on the phenomenon of parental, familial and service-delivery factors likely to affect the mental health services for children with learning and intellectual disability.

Afsheen Masood, Muhammad Sulman, Shazia Aslam

Effect of Deafness on Cognitive Learning: Comparative Analysis of the Opinion of Secondary School Teachers in Southern Punjab


Hearing impairment is a very common disability that is affecting more than 250 million children around
the world. Hearing loss or deafness also put an impact on child cognitive learning as children with hearing impairment shows poor academics as compare their normal peer.

Muhammad Nadeem Iqbal, Rabea Sani

Effectiveness of Braille Reading Training in Virtual,Classroom due to Pandemic COVID-19 in Pakistan


Technology changes faster than many of us can keep up. Due to covid-19, progress in the utilization of technology is a significant component of Braille learning these days. The main purpose of this study was to explore the Effectiveness of Braille Reading Training in Virtual Classroom due to Pandemic COVID-19 in Pakistan.

Abdul Hamid,Sarah Blake LaRos

Attitude of Hearing Impaired Students towards Inclusive Education in Pakistan


In many societies the idea of education for special needs children has been changed since last few decades. However, In many societies the idea of education for special needs children has been changed since last few decades. However, the hearing impaired students are not enjoying their educational right in inclusive class like that of their hearing counterparts. Hence, this study was intended to analyze the attitude and perception of hearing impaired students towards inclusive education in Pakistan.

Abid Masood Khan, Abdul Sami, Afsheen Salahuddin

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