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An Exploratory Study on Inadequacies in
Examination System for Visually Impaired Children
in Punjab

Dispensing quality of education is constitutional responsibility of every country across the world. Provision of quality education to visually impaired children is a motive endorsed by special education experts in Pakistan. From the previous few decades, the newly created informational technologies have introduced a myriad of assessment tools in the area ofExamination system. This paper …

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A Study on Barriers Faced by School Heads in the Implementation of Inclusive Education in Sindh, Pakistan

Several research studies have already been conducted since the inception of the Salamanca Declaration in 1994 till to this time. It has been found on the basis of available literature that implementation of inclusive education is still a challenge for different under-developed and developed countries of the world. Keeping this in view, it is essential …

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Challenges in Accessing Health Care Management for People with Disability in Pakistan

This study examines how the lives of disabled people are challenged physically, financially and due to specialists’ attitudes towards them while accessing health care management in disability centers of Rawalpindi andIslamabad. These challenges must be accommodated them in society and uphold their rights by enabling the disabled with a peaceful and productive life. Moreover, for …

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Effects of Parental Sign Language on Academic Achievements of Children with HI in Inclusive classroom

This study was aimed to find out the level of parental expertise in sign language and its role for academic achievements of children with HI (HI). The study was descriptive in nature. The participants of this studywere 100 children with HI and their hearing parents. These children were studying at secondary and higher secondary schools …

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Online Classes and Motivation of Special Students at Higher Education Level during Covid-19: Phenomenological Study of Inclusive Education

This phenomenologicalstudy was conducted during the COVID19 outbreak to explore the impact of the pandemic situation on physically special students studying at university level. Special emphasis was given to the aspect of motivation of special students at higher levels during COVID-19. For this purpose, a sample of 19 students from two universities of Islamabad, Pakistan …

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Prevalence for Identification of Learners with Certain Learning Disorders at Elementary Grade: A Case of Province of Punjab

Students with certain Learning Disorders in Punjab at elementary were the focus of this study. Regarding speaking, reading, writing, and mathematics for students with learning impairments, there may be difficulties. Students with certain Learning Disordersin Punjab were the focus of this study. eSumera Firdos,Kiran Shehzadi,Saif Ullah

Inclusive Education of Children with Special Needs: Practices, Opportunities and Barriers

The study was to explore the status of inclusive education, its opportunities and barriers in primary schools in Punjab. The objectives of the study were to (i) Find out inclusive education practices in primary schools in Punjab, (ii) Find out opportunities of inclusive education in primary schools in Punjab and (iii) Explore the barriers of …

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Psychosocial Challenges Faced by Albinos in Inclusive Societies and Coping Strategies Practiced by them to address these challenges. A case of Lahore City

Albinism is a genetic condition characterized by the complete or partial lack of melanin, a pigment responsible for the color of skin, hair, and eyes. Albinism, like all other groups of disabilities, is associated with certain psychosocial challenges in an or inclusive society. The present study aimed at examining the psychosocial challenges faced by persons …

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Readiness of General Education Teachers for Implementation of Universal Design for Learning in General Education Classrooms for Differently able Students

This descriptive study was aimed to investigate “readiness of general education teachers for implementation of universal design for learning in general education classrooms for students with disabilities”. Main objective of the study was to investigate the readiness of prospective and in-service general education teachers for implementation of universal design for learning in general education classrooms …

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Situation Analysis of Awareness of Assistive Technology of Teachers for Children with Special Needs in Punjab

The primary goal of this research was to examine the current state of knowledge regarding assistive technology among Punjab educators who work with students who have special needs. The population of the study was honorable teachers of the department of special education Punjab. The questionnaire was established as a tool to record the opinions of …

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